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To publish your paper in either regular issue and special issue of IJCIM.. Call for Papers


All papers must be written in English. Electronic submission is highly desirable. Should electronic submission be impossible, please submit three copies of a double-spaced full paper manuscript of maximum 6 pages in length including tables and graphs. Papers should be in conformity with scholarly proprieties with full citations and references. All articles should be double spaced and submitted in triplicate.

We would appreciate it if a file containing text, charts, figures and tables be submitted in Microsoft Word for Windows (Version 6.0 or later) together with a copy in PDF format as email attachments.

Attached to all submitted articles must be a 150 word abstract and a statement containing the author’s present academic or nonacademic position and an address where he or she may be contacted by the editors or interested readers. To facilitate communication with the editors, authors are encouraged to include a fax number and/or an Email address at which they can be contacted. Authors will be expected to correct proofs of their articles in a timely manner.

Please send articles as email attachment to:
Srisakdi Charmonman, Ph.D.
Senior Editor-In-Chief

Srisakdi Charmonman Institute,
Siam Technology College,
46 Charunsanitwong Road, Bangkokyai,
Bangkok 10600, Thailand.
Tel: +662-878-5054-5, +662-878-5088-9
Fax: +662- 878-5012


Paper Size: A4
Margins: Top = 2.54 cm, Bottom = 2.54 cm, Left = 2.54 cm, Right = 2.54 cm, Gutter = 0 cm, Gutter position - left
Layout: Header Ė 1 cm, Header - 0.5, Footer - 0.5;
Paragraph: Alignment - Justified, Hanging - 1 cm, Spacing - Before - 0 cm, After - 0 cm
Line spacing:
- for the text - Times New Roman 12 pt
- for the equations/formula/figures - use Single
Two column format: width 7.71 cm and spacing between the 2 columns is 0.5 cm
Title: Times New Roman 24 Regular
Author Name: Times New Roman 12 Bold
Other: Times New Roman 12 Regular

IJCIM Paper Format (.doc)


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International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management (IJCIM), Prof.Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, Editor-in-Chief
Srisakdi Charmonman Institute, Siam Technology College 46 Jarunsanitwong Rd., Thapra branch, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok, Thailand 10600 Tel. (66) 2 878 5089 or Fax: (66) 2 878 5012
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