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SPECIAL ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

INRIT 2012
Proceedings of The Second International Congress on Interdisciplinary Research and Development. 31 May - 1 June 2012. Bangkok Metro, Thailand.
Front Cover
Table of Contents
Survey of Social Media in Interdisciplinary Research
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman and Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit (Thailand)
The Scientific Method: A 21st Century Framework for Career and Technology Education
By Daryl Pieta (USA)
Registering Shifts in Emotional Condition of Art Gallery Visitors Following their Encounter with Mechanical Artworks in Contemporary Art Gallery Settings
By Stelios Manganis (UK)
Use of Virtual Labs for Enhance Student's Procedural Ability
By Silvio H. Fiscarelli, Patricia E. Fiscarelli, Ossamu Hojo and
Maria H.S.S. Bizelli (Brazil)
The Comparison of Ergonomic Application in Traditional Markets Versus Modern Markets
By Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika and Ratih Ardia Sari (Philippines)
A Case Study: Ergonomics Phenomenon at Traditional Markets
By Remba Yanuar Efranto and Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika (Indonesia)
Qualitative and Geometric Morphometric Description of the Shapes of Scales of
Viridescent Parrotfish, Calotomus Viridescens (R?ppell, 1835)

By Carlo Stephen Omar, Moneva Mark Anthony J. Torres,
Sharon Rose Tabugo and Cesar G. Demayo (Philippines)
A Case Study: The Utilization of Zebra Crossing in Terms of Work System Design
By Ratih Ardia Sari and Remba Yanuar Efranto (Indonesia)
A Case Study: Ergonomics Phenomenon at Modern Markets
By Nasir Widha Setyanto, Wifqi Azlia and Ratih Ardia Sari (Indonesia)
Sexual Health Concerns, Preventions, Awareness, and Knowledge Towards STD, HIV,
and Aids of Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Iligan City

By Cesar G. Demayo, Virgie Omnes and Mark Anthony J. Torres (Philippines)
A Roadmap for Adoption of E-Learning in Adult Education
By Dr. Harman Preet Singh, Dr. Anurag Agarwal (India)
and Jai Krishna Das (France)
Toward Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at Silpakorn University
By Niti Yongvanich (Thailand)
ADHD in Maranao Muslim Students from Selected Schools in Iligan City and Marawi City, Philippines
By Al-Muzani M. Sumndad, Mark Anthony J. Torres and Cesar
G. Demayo (Philippines)
An AHP Method for Evaluating Websites Efficiency of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Thailand
By Srayut Tongnoy, Sudarin Rodmanee and Deng-Neng Chen (Taiwan)
The Use of Practical Information System to Provide Information of Suitable Diet for Health
By Erdhi Widyarto N., MT, Kartika Puspa Dwiana, S.TP
and Kartika Sari Subagio, S.TP (Indonesia)
New Look but Old Brand: Cyber Bullying on Social Networking Sites and Malaysian Legal Position
By Maizatul Azila Binti Chee Din and Dr. Nazura Binti Abdul Manap(Malaysia)
Analysis and Performance Comparison of CMOS and FinFET Forvlsi Applications
By S.Jim Hawkinson, Dr.M.Madheswaran and Princy Hawkinson (India)
Estimation of Ready Queue Processing Time Using Factor-Type (F-T) Estimator in Multiprocessor Environment
By D. Shukla and Anjali Jain (India)
ASIC Implementation on Separation of Heart Sound Signal from Lung Sound Signal Using an Adaptive Line Enhancer
By K.Sathesh and Dr.N.J.R. Muniraj (India)
Scanmedic for E-Governance
By M.P. Karthick Kailash and Vigneshwar Manokar (India)
Authentic Leadership, Social Cognitive Theory, and Character Education: The Transforming of Theories into Practices
By Dr. Jerome Banks and Dr. Wipa Mhunpiew (Thailand)
Benefit of Implementing a National Level ERP System for Health Sectors in Sri Lanka Through Stock Optimization
By Prasad Perera, Samudaya Nanayakkara and Asoka Perera (Sri Lanka)
Design and Analysis of Double Side Fuzzy Controlled Wound Rotor Induction Motor
By I.Thangaraju and M.Madheswaran (India)
Development of a Simulator for Predicting the Machinability Responses During End Milling Operations
By Md. Anayet U Patwari, S. M. Tawfiq Ullah and Md. S. I. Chowdhury(Bangladesh)
Ethanol Production from Dilute-Acid Pretreated Cassava Peel by Fed-Batch Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation
By Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn (Thailand)
Development of Web-Based Instruction Using Social Media Application to
Enhance Knowledge Management Skills on Computer Tablet for Teachers

By Asst. Prof. Dr. Tawee Sranamkam (Thailand)
Developmental Expectations of Preschoolers by Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean Urban Mothers
By Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan (New Zealand) and Nurulhayati Ilias (Malaysia)
E-Business as a Transformational Tool
By Dr. Harman Preet Singh (India), Dr. Voranong Kowitsthienchai and
Vachiravit Sirachilpongkul (Thailand)
Transferee Characteristics and Successful Level of Knowledge
and Technology Transfer: Case Studies in Thailand

By Santhaya Kittikowit, Pasu Decharin, Surachai Pornpakakul
and Prachit Hawat (Thailand)
Trilateral Highway Project: A Unique Development Project to
Transform International Relations in the Era of Globalization

By Dr. Harman Preet Singh (India), Dr. Voranong Kowitsthienchai
and Vachiravit Sirachilpongkul (Thailand)
Variability in the Esterase (Est) and Alkaline Phosphatase (Alkp) Loci
in the Damselfish, Stegastes Nigricans Cuvier Collected from Selected Areas
in Iligan Bay and Camiguin Islands, Philippines

By Reynaldo A. Leong and Mark Anthony J. Torres (Philippines)
Qualitative Analysis of Grafitti in Restrooms in Different Colleges of
MSU-IIT, Iligan City, Philippines

By Mark Lloyd G. Dapar, Mark Anthony J. Torres and Cesar G. Demayo
Title: Participatory Culture Through New Media Technologies - A Case Study
on the Usage of New Media Technologies Among Peer Groups

By Ms. Kapou Malakar (India)
Wavelets Based Decomposition and Classi-fication of Disease Fmri
Brain Images Among the Inter-racial Disease Types Alzheimers’Vs
Tumors Using SOFM and Enhancement by LVQ

By Vigneshwar Manokar and L.M. Patnaik (India)
The Development of Prototype for Gross Motor Rehabilitation for Children with Autism
By Alisa Songsriwittaya, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Suriyong Lertkulvanich,
Miss Tipsuda Khamphanyim, Mr. Tanapol Phosuk and Miss Utumporn
Pumdang (Thailand)
Life Satisfaction: A Theoretical Framework
By Hawa Binti Rahmat and Rumaya Binti Juhari (Malaysia)
The Effectiveness of the Three Common Types of Written Corrective
Feedback in Improving Grammatical Accuracy

By Arlan Parreno (Thailand)
The Effects of Antioxidant-Rich Foods Diet on Diseases and Aging Prevention
By Irayudi Lazuardi (Indonesia)
Performance of Triple Ring Resonator as Optical Filter
By Dr. Sanjoy Mandal and Kuldeep Toppo (India)
Prediction of Surface Roughness During EDM of Mild Steel Using
Rectangular Electrode by RSM

By Md. Anayet U. Patwari, N. A. Chowdhury, M. D. Arif and Md. S. I. Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
The Construction of an Informal Energy Education Course:
An Investigation of the Changing Knowledge and Different Behavioral Intentions of College Students

By How-Gao Hsu and Hui-Yun Fu (Taiwan)
System Dynamic Approach to an Ergonomics
By Thanwadee Chinda, Chaiwat Manasakunkit, Thanaphat Suethrong and
Woraphong Hongpinyo (Thailand)
Teaching of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Evaluation of Learners’ Concept Maps
By S.K.Kamble and B. L. Tembe (India)
The Comparison of Ergonomic Application in Traditional Markets Versus Modern Markets
By Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika and Ratih Ardia Sari (Indonesia)
Recommended Collaborative Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Model
Towards Hourly Efficiency Improvement of Manufacturing Industrial in Thailand

By M. Kittima and P. Narongrit (Thailand)
Relationship Between Direct Use Values of Mangroves and Management Impact Indicators
By Margie S. Gianan, Sansanee S. Choowaew and Jongdee Toim (Thailand)
Aqueous Solution Using Esterified Rice (Oryza Sativa) Husk by Batch
and Column Adsorption Studies

By Neeta Sharma Jatinder Singh and Meenakshi Goyal (India)
Study on the Analysis of Nitrohumic Acids from Two Different Rank Myanmar Coal by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
By Khin Thidar Cho and May Zin Lwin (Myanmar)
Prospects, Potential and Future of E-Governance in India and Thailand in Globalized Era
By Dr. Harman Preet Singh, Dr. Anurag Agarwal, Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav
(India) and Dr. Voranong Kowitsthienchai (Thailand)
Preparation and Characterization of PH- Sensitive Semi-Interpenetrating
Polymer Networks of Chitosan and Polyvinylpyrrolidone

By Anupama Thakur, Mehak and R.K. Wanchoo (India)
Preparation of Faujasite Type Zeolite X from Pure Silica and Alumina Sources
By Mie Mie Han Htun, Mu Mu Htay and May Zin Lwin (Myanmar)
Occupation and Disease Based Self-Health Assessment Through the
Internet: an In-Silico Approach

By L. K. Dwivedi, Rambir Singh and A. B. Pant (India)
Pain Locus of Control in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients
By Anand Kumar, Jaya Mohan and Preeti Gupta (India)
Performance Analysis of Different Segmentation Schemes for Transverse Carotid Artery
By D. Sasikala and Dr.M.Madheswaran (India)
Intrauterine Growth Restriction Prediction by Extracting Fetal Abdominal
Circumference Using GVF Snake Model Based on Ant Colony Optimization

By Nithya.J and M.Madheswaran (India)
Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Treatment of Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) on Chitosan Coating Layer Stability by Design of Experiment
By Mr.Vorrapat Ketkrai (Thailand)
Effective Utilization of 3D Representation In Mobile Device for Pedestrian Navigation Aid
By Adamu Abubakar Ibrahim, Mukhtar Alhaji Liman and Teddy Mantoro (Malaysia)
Electronic Commerce in the Era of Globalization
By Dr. Harman Preet Singh, Shaveta T. Grover and Dr. Anurag Agarwal (India)
Enhancing Learning and Retention Through ‘Cognitive Linkages’:
a Case Study of Malaysian Children

By Nurulhayati Ilias (Malaysia) and Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan (New Zealand)
Innovation and Individual Investor’s Decision Making Under Affordable Loss
By Kwanrat Suanpong, Kamales Santivejkul and Achara Chandrachai (Thailand)
Intellectual Property Strategy in Thai Biotechnology Industry
By Kittipong Chantaraskul, Duanghathai Pentrakoon and Akkharawit
Kanjana-Opas (Thailand)
Examining Relationships between Culture, Creativity and Business
Stage in an Emerging Market: The Case of Vietnam

By Quan Hoang Vuong (Belgium), Nancy K. Napier (USA) and Tri Dung
Tran (Vietnam)
Fuel Cell: An Innovative Energy Backup for Mobile Wireless Communication Networks
By Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh (India), Dr. Yunfei Liu (China) and
Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi (India)
Gender Discrimination: The Malaysian Experience
By Maizatul Azila Binti Chee Din, Hawa Binti Rahmat, Rohaidah Binti
Mashudi and Norazuan Binti Amiruddin (Malaysia)
Green Marketing: The Contemporary Business Approach Towards Environmental Sustainability
By Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh (India), Dr. Yunfei Liu (China) and
Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi (India)
Decision Direct Based Frequency Domain Channel Estimation
Technique in UWB OFDM Communication

By C.Venkatesh and M.Madheswaran (India)
Health Implications of Mobile Radiations & Role of SAR
By Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh (India), Dr. Yunfei Liu (China) and
Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi (India)
Hybrid PID-ANN Controller for Closed Loop Control of Chopper Fed
DC Series Motor with Parameter Variation

By M.Muruganandam and M.Madheswaran (India)
Impacts of eLearning on Increase the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens
By Piya Hirunwat, Ph.D. (Thailand)
Implementation of Cloud Computing Technology to Stop Black Marketing
Of Kerosene and LPG in Developing Countries

By Gaurav Bhatia, Ajay lala and Ashish Chaurasia (India)
Multiple Intelligences of Secondary School Teacher Education Students - A Case Study
By Prakasha G.S (India) and Bupha Ravirot (Thailand)
A Supervisor’s Roles for Successful Thesis and Dissertation
By Dr. Wipa Mhunpiew (Thailand)
ADCT Domain Technique for Medical Image Watermarking
By J.Samuel Manoharan and Dr. Kezi Selva Vijila (India)
A Study of ICT and Economic Development in Asian Countries
By Surender Kumar, Pawan Gupta and Nikhil Khullar (India)
An Analysis of the Barriers and Challenges of Introducing Technological
Innovation for the Fisheries Sector of the Maldives

By Kennedy D Gunawardana (Sri Lanka)
Application of Multimodality and Sociocultural Learning Theory in Online
Teacher Education Courses

By Jayoung Choi, Ph.D. (USA)
An Innovative Application of Digital Image Processing to Analyze Tool
Wear in Turning Operation

By Anayet U. Patwari, Muammer D. Arif and M. N. Mahmood (Bangladesh)
Computer Simulation for Optimal Operation of Electrical Distribution System Using a Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm
By Krishna Prasad (India)
Business Sustainability and the Environment: Website Disclosure on
Selected Listed Companies in Indonesia

By Prof. Vincent Didiek Wiet Aryanto, Ph.D (Indonesia)
Comparative Study of Tourism Industry in India and Thailand
By Surender Kumar, Vaishali Agarwal, Pawan Gupta, Kushal Joshi
and Amit Tiwari (India)
Design and Analysis of Robot Movement Control Using Intelligent Controller
By S.Senthilkumar and P.Suresh (India)
Estimation of Wide Band Radar Cross Section of Arbitrary Shaped Objects
Using Method of Moments

By P.Suresh Kumar and M.Madheswaran (India)
Design of a Monitoring System to Save Toddlers
By Sridhar K Palaniswamy and Hema C R (India)
Assessing and Developing “People Orientation” In Potential Leaders
By Naeem Iqbal and Nosheen Zafar (Pakistan)
Digital Up Converter Design For WiMAX System
By V Jayaprakasan and M.Madheswaran (India)
Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Deviant Behaviors
By Othman Mohd Yunus, Hasnun Anip Bustaman, Khalizani Khalid and
Nur Baizura Abdullah (Malaysia)
High Speed Fir Filter Using Majority Function Adder
By D.Malathi and M.Madheswaran (India)
Tierra Segura
By Sridhar K Palaniswamy, Mathi Vijay M and Balakrishnan Ashokkumar (India)
Language Dilemma in Thailand: Learning English is a Big Hype or a Necessity
By Dr. Kuldeep Nagi (Thailand)
FPGA Implementation of Multiwavelet Transform Using Systolic Array
By Vidhyalavanya R and Madheswaran M (India)
Microgeographic Differentiation in of the Golden Apple Snail,
Pomacea Canaliculata Lamarck

By Karen Kris H. Balbosa, Mark Anthony J. Torres and Cesar G. Demayo(Philippines)
Issues on Nano - CMOS Technologies
By Deepali Sandhu and Rakesh Khanna (India)
New Robust Watermarking Scheme for Gray Image Based on DWT and SVD-DCT
By Rakesh Khanna (India)
Project Scheduling with Fuzzy Time Estimates
By S. P. Thakre, P. A. Thakre and P. G. Khot (India)
Production of Glucoamylase from Saccharomycopsis Fibuligera Sp.
and Hydrolysis of Cassava Peels for Alcohol Production

By Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn (Thailand)
Personal Authentication System Using Barcode Generated by Fingerprint
By Sahil Raheja and Dinesh Kumar (India)
Role of Some Medicinal Plants in the Management of Respiratory Disease
By Dr. Kavita Sharma (India)
Study of Economic Growth and Employment in Asian Developing Countries
By Surender Kumar, Pawan Gupta, Vaishali Agarwal, Prashant Vaish and
Prakash Chandra (India)
The Influence of Institutional and Government Ownership on Firm
Performance: Evidence from Kuwait

By Mishari Alfaraih (Kuwait)
Media Psychology : The Need of the Hour
By Abhijit Bora (India)
The Risk of Wheat Based Foods on People with Celiac Disease
By Irayudi Lazuardi (Indonesia)
Ultrasound Image Reconstruction Using Various Compressive Sensing Techniques
By Kirty Prabhakar V, Pramod Kumar N, Sharanya Sreenivasan,
Keerthika Selvaraj, LokeshKumar I and Narayanankutty KA (India)
Design and Simulation of Edge-Coupled Stripline Band Pass Filter for
Ka Band Application

By Hnin Yu Wai, Zaw Min Naing and Kyaw Soe Lwin (Myanmar)
Design Through a Network Perspective, to Improve Wooden Furniture Production in Brazil
By Viviane G. A. Nunes and Francesco Zurlo (Italy)
Studies on the Removal of Mn+2Ions From Aqueous Solution Using
Esterified Rice (Oryza Sativa) Husk by Batch and Column Adsorption Studies

By Neeta Sharma Jatinder Singh and Meenakshi Goyal (India)
Web Service Composition Using UML
By Vivek Sahrawat, Devendra Singh, Avaneet Rajput, Devender Yadav
and Yogita Bhavsar (India)
Appendix A. Editorial Board
Appendix B. Organizing Committee
Appendix C. Supporting Personnel
Appendix D. Authors Names
Appendix E. About the Editor-in-Chief
Appendix F. Call for Papers
Appendix G. Supporting Organizations
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