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REGULAR ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

Volume 18 No. 3 (September-December 2010)

An Improved Intravenous Fluid Rate Determination Using Fuzzy Logic
By Adesina Abdul Akeem Agboola, Misturah Adunni Alaran, Adio Taofiki Akinwale, and Olusegun Folorunso
Implementation of Virtual Books sharing on Grid Infrastructure Using Web Services
By Riri Fitri Sari and Marcel Wijaya
Semantically Enabled Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management System: Implementing Ontology Web Language
By Roma Chauhan
A Reduced Complexity Two-Stage Neural Classifier for Quantified Identification of Gases/Odors Using an Integrated Thick Film Sensor Array
By N. S. Rajput, V. N. Mishra and K. P. Singh
An Ordeal Random Data Encryption Scheme (ORDES)
By Ramveer Singh and Deo Brat Ojha
A Strategy Framework for the Risk Assessment and Mitigation For Large E-Government Projects
By Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri, Nasser M. Al-Mazrouie and Mohan Bommireddy
Prediction of Ready Queue Processing Time in Multiprocessor Environment Using Lottery Scheduling (ULS)
By Diwakar Shukla, Anjali Jain, and Amita Choudhary
Reliable Caching-A Novel Approach to Caching Web Pages
By C.Mala, R.Shriram, Shashank Agrawal, K. Geetha, Narendran Rajagopalan
ETFRC: Enhanced TFRC for Media Traffic
By Mohammad A. Talaat, Magdi A. Koutb, and Hoda S. Sorour
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