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REGULAR ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

Volume 19 No. 1 (January-April 2011)

Inter-firm Alliances and E-commerce in the Global Market Place: Making a Connection
By Md. Mizanur Rahman, Mehedi Hasan Md Hefjur Rahman and Mir Sohrab Hossain
A Multi-Biometric Template Security: An Application of Code-Based Cryptosystem
By Ajay Sharma and Deo Brat Ojha
Study of Workflow Management System in E-commerce
By V. R. Salkute
CRM Initiatives of Banking Sector in Saudi Arabia
By Muhammad Anshari, Abdullah Al-Mudimigh and Mehmet Aksoy
Supply Chain Efficiencies Through E-Kanban: A Case Study
By Suprasith Jarupathirun, Andrew P. Ciganek, Thaloengsak C. and Chayanun Kerdpitak
Proper Noun Extracting Algorithm for Arabic Language
By Riyad Al-Shalabi, Ghassan Kanaan, Bashar Al-Sarayreh, Khalid Khanfar, Ali Al-Ghonmein, Hamed Talhouni and Salem Al-Azazmeh
Becoming Pandits Through Avatars: Leveraging Multi-User Virtual Environments for Education in the Digital Age
By Metha Kijsawangwong
Market Value Added and Internet-Dependent Firms (Some Empirical Evidence from Asian Region)
By R Shanti D Ottemoesoe., SE
Ontology Matching Techniques: a 3-Tier Classification Framework
By Nelson K. Y. Leung, Seung Hwan Kang, Sim Kim Lau and Joshua Fan
Formal Validation of DNA Database Using Theorem Proving Technique
By Julaily Aida Jusoh, Md Yazid Mohd Saman and Mustafa Man
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