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REGULAR ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

Volume 21 No.1 (January-April 2013)

Production of Glucoamylase from Saccharomycopsis Fibuligera sp. and Hydrolysis of Cassava Peels for Alcohol Production
By Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn
Utilizing Social Media for Cultural Education in Indonesia
By Albert Budi Christian, Dr. Ridwan Sanjaya
A Quantitative Approach to Evaluate the Authenticity of Chinese Antiques
By Chon-Huat Goh
E-Learning System to Enhance Cognitive Skills for Learners in Higher Education: A Review of Possibly Open Education
By Jintavee Khlaisang, Ed.D. and Noawanit Songkram, Ph.D.
Perceptions of Assumption University Undergraduate Business Students Towards “Tossapit Rajatham” the King’s Tenfold Moral Code: Governance in Sustainable Action
By Mr. Glen Vivian Gerard Chatelier,
Practical Framework: Creation of Causal Model of Job Involvement, Career Commitment, Learning Motivation, and Learning Transfer
By Kijpokin Kasemsap
The Effect of Sublethal Heat Treatment and Hot Water on the Growth of Soil-Borne Pathogen
By Manop Yamfang, Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn and Sirichai Thepa
Gender-Visual Meta-Narratives: an Analysis of Adult Images in Elementary Schools Textbooks Used in Japan within 1950-2000
By Carlo S. Gutierrez
Virulence of Local Metarhizium spp.Isolates Against Tenebrio Molitor (Linn): An Initial Comparison with Non-Native and Commercially Available Strains
By Jessil Ann L. Pajar, Derick V. Cabahug, Nanette Hope N. Sumaya, Joey Genevieve T. Martinez Ma. Reina Suzette B. Madamba, Henry I. Rivero
Effective Interface Design for Web Survey of Service Quality
By Wisitmon Srinilta, Assist. Prof. Pongpun Anuntavoranich, Ph.D., and Suppawan Taraphokakul, Ph.D.
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