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REGULAR ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

Volume 23 No.3 (September-December 2015)

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Siam Technology Press Srisakdi Charmonman Institute, Siam Technology College
Applications of Internet of Things in E-Learning
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit (Thailand), Vo Ngoc Dieu (Viet Nam), and Niek van der Linden (Netherlands)
A Survey of Apps for E-Learning 2015
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit (Thailand), and Myong-Jun Kim (Korea)
Wearable Technology and E-Learning
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit (Thailand), Mario Rodriguez (Mexico), Greg Bassani Oam (Australia), and Sumit Sharma (Nepal)
E-Learning via Social Media
By Firouz Anaraki (Iran)
BKK Management at Vocational School in Semarang
By Joko Widodo, Murwatiningsih, Nina Oktarina, and Hengky Pramusinto (Indonesia)
The Implementation of an Integrated Academic Information System (SIKADU) to Improve Academic Service at the Faculty of Economics Semarang State University
By Kardoyo, Hengky Pramusinto, and Nina Oktarina (Indonesia)
School Accountability Based on E-Archives at Senior High School in Semarang
By Nina Oktarina, Hengky Pramusinto, and Linda Agustina (Indonesia)
Text Neck Epidemic: a Growing Problem for Smart Phone Users in Thailand
By Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (Thailand)
A Development of Instructional Model in Op-Amp and Linear IC Course of Diploma Electronic Students Using Distance Communication Technology and Information Technology
By Pitipark Pinrod (Thailand)
Values Judgment of the Top Executive toward National Security System Management in Thailand
By Uthai Shinawatra (Thailand)
Managing Enterprise Resources in News Department to Cope with the Changes in Technology of Thailand Digital Television Broadcasting Business
By Phollapruet Ruangcharas, Chanchai Bunchapattanasakda, and Pacapol Anurit (Thailand)
Reform Direction of the Defense Information and Space Technology Department's Strategic Management and Organization Structure
By Thanyalak Prasertwit, Wilaiporn Laohakosol, and Chanchai Bunchapattanasakda (Thailand)
The Solutions in Thai Herbal Development Collaboration
By Supapun Hoonchangtong (Thailand)
Curriculum Development of Building Inspectors According to Building Control Act (2522) Using Delphi Technique
By Chanuan Uakarn, Uthai Shinawatra, Kajohnsak Chaokromthong, Darran Yutthawonsuk, and Nittaya Sintao (Thailand)
The Achievements of Pesticide Policy Implementation
By Adisai Suttikeeree (Thailand)
Hybrid Genetic Algorithms Feature Selection and Decision Trees Classifier for Studentís Computer Self-Efficacy
By Wanphen Wirojcharoenwong, Montean Rattanasiriwongwut, and Monchai Tiantong (Thailand)
Model for Development of Professional Competencies of Physical Education Teacher in 21st Century in Educational Innovation and Information Technology
By Pensri Srisawat, Naiyana Buppaworng, and Yuthana Wongwirat (Thailand)
Development of Studentís Research Skills Using Social Networks and Ubiquitous Learning in Flipped Classroom
By Pathapong Pongpatrakant (Thailand)
Teaching Tool: Finite Element Analysis of 2D Truss Problem by VBA Program
By Supachard Krudtong (Thailand) and Saeed Moaveni (USA)
The Use of Electronic Learning Management System to Enhance Learning and Achievement Case Study: Course Analysis and Design Students of the Program Department of Computer Information Systems
By Somphong Wathanti and Anuchavadee Chaithongsri (Thailand)
The Effect of Blended Learning Approach Using Facebook and Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom on an Inquiring Mind of Freshmen in Teacher Education Program at Institute of Physical Education, Chumphon Campus
By Narumon Rodniam (Thailand)
Professional Development in Information Technology Competency for Teachers in Basic Education Schools
By Supinda Lertlit (Thailand)
Internet Plagiarism in PhD Papers
By Dararat Khampusaen (Thailand)
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Appendix F. Editorial Board
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