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REGULAR ISSUE- International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management

Volume 26 No.3 (September-December 2018)

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Siam Technology Press Srisakdi Charmonman Institute, Siam Technology College
  1. Development of Borderline Personality Checks Using Chatbots in the Instant Messaging

    By Christine Wibhowo, Ridwan Sanjaya, Sofia Retnowati, and Nida Ul Hasanat (Indonesia)

  2. Digital Refugees? How Students in Thailand and Australia Seek and Use Information Online
    By Yuwanuch Gulatee (Thailand) and Babara Comebes (Australia)

  3. Spectrum Refarming in Thailand
    By Settapong Malisuwan and Wassana Kaewphanuekrungsi (Thailand)

  4. A Causal Relationship Model in Supply Chain Collaboration of Logistics Business
    Performance Tourism Business in Thailand

    By Ladawan Sawangarom, Tharinee Maneesri, and Weerawit Lertthaitrakul (Thailand)

  5. Ranking of University Websites Based on Search Engine Optimization
    By Kittisak Chotiktipat, Prachyanun Nilsook, and Sunantha Sodsee (Thailand)

  6. A Guideline for Developing an Enrichment Curriculum on Social Skills for the
    Undergraduate Students in Faculty of Management Science

    By Pisit Chumnanna, Paitoon Pimdee, and Phadungchai Pupat (Thailand)

  7. The Development of Energy Storage Bag Prototype for Securities, Disaster,
    and in Remote Areas

    By Prakart Pawa Thongsawang and Prasopchai Pasunon (Thailand)

  8. Cultural-Fit Management: Sustainable Success Factor of Thailand Public University
    By Taninrat Rattanapongpinyo (Thailand)

  9. Web Usage Patterns Using Association Rules and Markov Chains
    By Amnat Sawatnatee (Thailand)

  10. Classification of Company Credit Rating Using Artificial Neural Network with Data

    By Krisada Khruachalee (Thailand)

  11. Components of Information Technology and Communication Leadership of School

    By Amnat Apsorn, Boonchan Sisan, and Pariyaporn Tungkunanan (Thailand)

  12. Improving University Programme Recommender System Based on MBTI by Using
    Gradient Boosted Trees and Firefly Algorithm

    By Phuwadol Viroonluecha and Thongchai Kaewkiriya (Thailand)

  13. The Effect of Environmental Factor on Organizational Performance through
    Disruptive Innovation Management in the Electronic Industry

    By Wirat Butwapee, Natnarong Jaturat, and Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr (Thailand)

  14. Improving ESL Primary Students’ Vocabulary Proficiency Using Authentic Listening

    By Kulajit Khaneeyor (Thailand)

  15. Causes and Effects of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University
    By Tidathip Panrod (Thailand)

  16. Decision Factor of Using Accounting Software Packages of Accounting Office
    in Thailand

    By Chalida Linjee, Kanokmani Homkaew, and Parnee Raoyang (Thailand)

  17. Comparison of Digital Literacy Standard between Thailand and Other Countries
    By Surat Sukman, Aukkapong Sukkamart, Paitoon Pimdee, Pichai Sodbhiban, and Lertlak Klinhom (Thailand)

  18. Effects of Induction Motor Using Unbalance Voltage
    By Pakkawee Hayamin and Chaiyapon Thongchaisuratkrul (Thailand)

  19. The Core Competency Development of Security Guard License in the Eastern Area
    According to Business Security Act B.E. 2558

    By Chanuan Uakarn, Kajohnsak Chaokromthong, Surachai Wattanachan, and Nittaya Sintao (Thailand)

  20. Intellectual Enhancement Based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness
    “Satipaṭṭhāna 4” Training and the Scientific Brain Signal: Electroencephalogram

    By Phrarajsitthimuni (Vi). (Boonchit Ñānasamvaro) (Thailand)

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